What Kind Of Shoes Do You Bring Camping?

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what kind of shoes do you bring camping?

Shoes are one of the essential accessories that you can gift your body. We use them for walking and running. The selection of perfect shoes is crucial for the perfect and comfortable movement, especially when going on a camping trip.

When camping, wearing proper footwear can makes your trip memorable. There are many diverse options that you can consider when bringing shoes for camping. However, there is no official rule for selecting suitable footwear for walking and hiking during camping.

If you are packing up for camping for the first time, it becomes tough to decide what to wear. However, you can make decisions by analyzing the terrain on which you are going to camp.

What Kind Of Shoes Do You Bring Camping?

Walking Shoes:

During camping and hiking, walking shoes are an essential part of your footwear collection. It does not matter if you are not planning to walk long distance you still need a shoe that ideally provide a comfortable walking experience. These shoes are best suited for your walking and moderate running.

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Running Shoes:

Running shoes are the perfect companion for trail running. If you plan to invest in trail shoes, then prefer running shoes over tennis shoes because tennis shoes do not provide enough traction.

On the other hand, hiking shoes are heavy, so they are not fit for running needs. A plethora of options is available to choose for running trail shoes in different styles and colors.

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Water Shoes:

If you plan to camp near the river or stream and want to fish across the water body, water shoes are beneficial. Camping never gets boring if you go canoe or kayak, and for putting raft in the water, water shoes are helpful.

They protect the feet from the sharp terrain and rocks and protect them from the harsh environment. Any shoes that carry a rubber sole and mesh outside can do this job. Most of the stores have their range of water shoes that are available in the summer months.

Hiking Boots:

Hiking is one of the exciting parts of camping. Regular tennis shoes are not reasonably feasible for the hiking trails, and they cant withstand the extreme of the terrain. So investing in good hiking shoes is a better idea when going to camp.

 They have good protection from slipping and provide a durable outsole for your feet. Many hiking shoes have good foot protection due to their higher sides and prevent foot fatigue. Their outer has breathable material, and some offer waterproofing and good traction.

Camp Shoes:

An ideal camp shoe, maybe a house slipper, beat-up sneaker, or casual flip-flops. They are the pair of shoes you wear inside the camp to relax your feet at the end of the day.

After a hard hiking day or a kayak routine, you may need to wear these shoes for a comfortable and better feet hug. Camp shoes are ideal shoes that you can wear when resting on your reclining camping chair with footrest outside the camp near a campfire.

What To Look For Buying A Camp Shoe?

Many standard features need to consider when buying a perfect camp chair. Everybody has different needs, and you should gauge the features that you feel appropriate for your needs.

You may find one feature in a shoe while it lacks other. So, always choose a shoe for camping that fulfills your needs and balances all features.


Having comfortable shoes is the prerequisite for camping. Besides, purpose-specific shoes like hiking shoes and running shoes prefer shoes that you can wear and relax at the camp. Always take the time to figure out your needs.

You may hate a flip-flop or sandals during the camping, but they are the most comfortable and breathable shoes and expose more skin to the air.


At the end of the day, you need relaxing and lightweight camp shoes to get some rest. Choose camping shoes that do not feel a burden on your legs. But make sure that most lightweight shoes do not have a solid outsole that can hurt your feet on a rocky trail.


When packing your camping gear, you always need extra space. Because loading the backpack with heavier and more bulky items makes it difficult to run the trails. If the camp shoes take more space, you have to drop some other items or get a more oversized backpack. Or you may avoid all this hassle and go for camping shoes that are more compact or easily collapsible with a slim profile.


 While hiking on heights of 1000 feet, you always prefer more air to touch your skin. Similarly, a pair of breathable shoes provide more comfort because of more skin exposure to the open air. But the choices of the shoes can vary depending upon the nature of their use.

You cannot wear flip-flops due to their breathability on uneven trails. Sandals and flip-flops suit best on the campsite. In contrast, water shoes are better for their use on the water boating. No matter what shoes you choose, make sure that they are breathable.


Shoe material plays an integral part in the waterproofing of camping shoes. It is a feature that is evitable, especially when you are exploring in rainy weather or using them to crossing the streams and rivers.

Besides waterproofing, choose between easy to dry camping shoes. A sandal made from fabric or synthetic leather will dry late as compared to the newer mesh shoes.

Easy to Wear:

Last but not least on the features list is the level of easiness when wearing or taking off the camping shoes. It is not a necessary feature to look for, but any irritation when you want to wear or take off your shoes can be annoying.

Summing Up

Camping reduces the stress and provides you with a peaceful environment to revitalize your body. Having a good pair of camping shoes can increase joyfulness and gives your strain-free hiking and running experience. When making decisions about camping shoes, make sure they fulfill your needs.

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