All You Need to Know about Different Types Of Shoes!


Think about the one thing without which your outfit is not complete. Hair? Makeup? Jewelry? …Shoes! Any attire is incomplete without the right pair of shoes to go with it. You can do without hair or makeup, but shoes are a necessity.

We all own several different types of footwear for different occasions and outfits. However, have you thought about what your shoe collection might be lacking, or maybe you own a pair you do not need. Well, you cannot know for sure until you have the right shoe knowledge.

Today, we will talk about everything SHOES! From different types of shoes and their uses to their names, we will cover everything. So, if you are a shoe junkie, then keep reading!

Types of Shoes


Getting the right pair of shoes depends on comfort, durability, and purpose. The last one is the trickiest and the most important to figure out – After all, you can’t wear loafers under a wedding gown!

With so many types of shoes in the market, one gets overwhelmed and confused about which one to pick. If you are planning to buy a new pair of shoes, you cannot just go for the “pretty” ones or what you think looks cool.

Don’t worry! We are here to tell you about the types of shoes and how to pick the right one.

Types of Shoes for Men

Common Types of Shoes for Men

1. Oxfords or Balmorals


Oxford shoes are worm formally, but they can also be pair with an informal dressing.

These are laced with a vamp pattern and two quarters. If you are looking for formal shoes to wear in a business meeting or corporate dinners, Oxfords is the answer.

They have round toes and mostly comes with a cap. Many people prefer them because of their closed lacing style. Oxford’s shoes are also famous with the name of Balmorals. Balmorals is a castle of Queen located in Scotland.

2. Bluchers (Derbys)


Derby shoe is very similar to Oxford’s but has an open lace system. They can also be worn both formally and informally.

They can be paired with a suit, khakis, or chinos. Derbys’ shoes also fall in the formal category. You can say that Derbys are Oxfords are like twins with a significant difference.

In Derbys, the eyelet facings are stitched on the thin top of the vamp, and this is an open front style.

Oxford Shoes vs Derby Shoes

3. Brogues

The main differentiating point of Brogues from other shoes is that they come with perforations.

Any shoe coming with perforations (pin-holes) is Brogues. Even if a derby shoe has perforations, we will refer it as a brogue shoe.

Brogues are worn as casual and outdoor footwear.

4. Espadrilles


The other name of Espadrilles is “Alparagatas,” and most of the time, these shoes come with flat heels but sometimes with high heels too.

The origin of these shoes is the Pyrenees. The shoes are made of different materials, such as cotton or canvas.

The prominent aspect of these shoes is their sole, which is made from the jute rope, and the upper section of shoes may differ from each other.

Usually, people find it hard to clean canvas shoes. However, if the correct procedure is followed, then I bet, your canvas shoes would never look old or dirty again.

5. Monk-straps


The shoes are known as monk straps because monks out there in Europe love these shoes. The shoes come without any laces and instead use straps and buckles for closing.

The hit the shoe stores with two versions-  one with a single strap and another with a double strap. They are comfortable and easy to wear.

Personally, I love them as I hate to mess up with laces. They look outstanding when you wear them with denim or suit.

6. Boat shoes :

Boat shoes or topsiders or deck shoes are made using leather and canvas. The prominent feature of these shoes is that their upper section is designed in a fashion that is water-repellent.

Not only this, but these shoes are also stain resistant. They are sewed by hand and have stitches on top. You can have these shoes with laces and without laces. They have a carved herringbone pattern.

7. Loafers

Every man should have a pair of loafers (also known as Slip-ons). They are comfy and comfortable to wear, without any hassle of laces. Just slip them on, and that’s it! They can be worn casually or as dress shoes.

Following image illustrates some of the common types of loafers:


Types of Shoes for Women

1.  Heels


Heels make a woman look classy and confident. They are typically worn at weddings, dinners, parties, and other formal or semi-formal gatherings.

There are also many different types of heels, such as Scarpin, mules, pumps, peep-toes, kitten, platforms, wedges, stilettos, and slingbacks.

Most of the women hate wearing heels, due to the agony they have to go through. However, not heels are uncomfortable. All you need to do is a little bit of research, that can get you some the most comfortable heels for standing and walking day.

Did You Know?
High heel shoes can cause permanent issues more than temporary pain and blisters on your feet. Read more here

2. Ballet Flats


Flats are very comfy and simple to wear. They are ideal for everyday use. They are must-haves for each woman to wear casually.

Ballet flats are available in different materials, textures, colors, and prints. You can get neutral tones like white, nude, or black or go for something vibrant like a sharp yellow.

3. Pumps

You will find different ladies’ shoes designed for different occasions.

Like for girls, casual shoes are there, then comes formal shoes for ladies, and there is special footwear for parties. But if you don’t want that hassle in your life, then Pumps are savage.

Pumps are the most flexible shoes with which you can rock every event and occasion. Just go with the color that suits you with every dress.

4. Stilettos


For some women, stiletto shoes are a blessing, and for some a curse. Curious to know why is it so? Well, Stilettos have a thin and high heel, perfect formal footwear for glamorous ladies out there.

But let me warn you that stilettos can be an enemy of your savings as many sensible and mature women cannot resist the urge of having stilettos in their wardrobe.

5. Gladiator Sandals

Are you looking for the most flexible and comfortable footwear to treat your beautiful feet? Gladiator sandals are what you need to have in your shoe collection. They are T-strip sandals with multiple straps on the front of the shoes.

6. Flip Flops

If you are looking for perfect footwear on a beach or swimming pool this summer, look no further. Flip Flops has got your back. These ideal beach shoes are made from a sole of foam and plastic support for the toe.

Moreover, Flip flops made from leathers are long last. Most of the flip flops come with basic simple straps, but you can find many other flip flops with stylish straps.

They are versatile, and you will find them in so many patterns and colors that you can find a perfect match for your beach outfit.

7. Canvas Shoes


Canvas shoes fall in a slightly sports footwear category. Thanks to their look. But you can wear casually too. I love my canvas shoes as I can enjoy my walk in them and can go to university putting them on.

They are comfortable, available in different colors, and go very well with a t-shirt and jeans.

Anything else you are looking for?

Yes? Then it must be a way to clean these canvas shoes.

8. Court Shoes


Court shoes are classic and formal shoes, that are perfect to wear for corporate events and weddings. They come with a heel of medium height and pointed toe.

These shoes are available in different styles and colors now, but mostly you will find them in black, beige, and brown colors. 

Unisex Shoes

Now we come to unisex shoes; these can be worn by both men and women depending upon the style.

1. Boots


Boots are shoes that provide maximum coverage of the feet. They are comfy but trendy. Boots are suitable for those who have to walk a lot or for colder weather.

Both men and women can wear different types of boots like:

a. Ankle boots:

Ankle boots or Bootie, are one of the widely popular boots among men and women. These boot’s top is high enough to cover the ankles or lower calf, hence, making the ankles look wide.

They look great with Jeans for men. On the other hand, these boots are appealing enough with tights, jeans or pencil skirts on women.

b. Cowboy boots:

Cowboy Boots are the riding boot, initially worn by cowboys. They are of two types; Classic (Western Boots) and Ropers.

The Western boots are made from genuine leather or exotic skins, having a high shaft, rounded or pointed toes, and Cuban heels with no lacing system. Whereas, Roper Boots have a relatively low shaft that stops before the middle calf.

Cowboy Boots, especially western boots, are very famous among men and women in America.

Both men and women can wear them with jeans to get a classic look. However, women also have the advantage of wearing them with maxi, black skin-fitted pants, lights or skirts.

c. Calf boots:

Calf boots are known to be as one of the most challenging boots to wear, due to their top that covers the widest point of the calf. For this reason, the average leg looks fat while wearing these boots.

These calf-length boots are widely popular among women, who wear them with pants or long skirts. They even look cool with skinny jeans, tucked inside the boot, for both men and women.

d. Military boots:

Military Boots, also called Combat Boots are shoes make out of leather and nylon duck cloth upper. These boots are used currently by military personnel due to its distinctive features including thermal insulation, liquid fuel penetration protection, waterproof breathable membrane as well as flame, abrasion, water, and slip resistance.

Both men and women can get a trendy weekend look by pairing these combat boots with jeans and a black leather jacket. Moreover, women can also wear them with shorts, or leggings paired along with a cool beret or blaze coat.

e. Chelsea boots:

Chelsea boots are one of the iconic boots, having a top with a height that covers the ankles, with close-fitting, elastic side panels and loop at the back for comfortable wearing.

These boots are popular among both men & women and are available in multiple variants including Beatle boots and jodhpur boots.

f. Hiking boots:

Hiking boots, as the name suggests, are shoes especially designed for rough outdoor activities like Hiking.

These boots provide enough traction, comfort, ankle support along with water, slip & abrasion resistance on rough, wet and elevated surfaces to support hikers.

2. Sandals


Everyone owns at least one pair of sandals. They are perfect for day to day activities and can be paired with any casual outfit.

They are perfect for the summer season to let your feet stay open and breathe. Sandals are available in different styles and colors for both men and women.

3. Sneakers

These are the ultimate comfort footwear for all. They look super chic in trendy with jeans and other casual outfits.

You can wear sneakers if you have to walk around a lot, so they are perfect for teens and college-going individuals.

4. Slippers


Every household has slippers. These are a comfortable pair of shoes to wear around the house.

Most slippers are furry and cozy to keep your feet relaxed. However, rubber slippers are also available for summer months.

5. Sports Shoes


Footwear designed for different sports belongs to this category. Sports professionals and gym fanatics mostly wear sports shoes.

These athletic shoes include:

a. Tennis Shoes:

Not all sneakers or trainers are good for playing tennis. Therefore, tennis shoes are designed to provide durability, resilient, lateral support, arch support, proper cushioning, stability for pronators and traction over various types of tennis courts.

However, washing these Tennis shoes can ruin them, if done in the wrong way. Therefore, make sure to follow correct instructions to save your precious money.

b. Soccer Shoes:

Soccer Shoes, also known as Football Shoes or cleats, are the footwear worn by football players when playing football. These shoes are designed to aid grip on grass pitches, for which they have studs on the outsole.

However, not all soccer boots are the same, all top brands offer different boots for different pitches, having different positions of studs and sizes of cuts.

c. Trainers:

Trainers are also referred to as sneakers and athletics shoes in many countries. These shoes are designed for workouts and sports. However, they are now widely used for everyday wearing.

Trainers have a rubber outsole, with a synthetic or leather upper, and are available in bot lace-up closure and slip-on.

So whether it’s walking, jogging, gym, or any casual sports activity, these trainers can give all-rounder performance for both and women.

e. Running Shoes

One of the most popular sports shoes are for running.

These shoes are designed and manufactured by top brands, including Nike, Adidas, and Asics, with a complex structure of unique “rubber” with metal/plastic stiffeners to provide comfort, support, and stability to the runners.

There are numerous types of running shoes, depending on the running style, heel-drop, and runner’s pronation type, such as neutral, over-pronation, and under-pronation.

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It does not matter if you are a man or a woman; shoes are a wardrobe essential for all.

Why is it important to know the types of shoes and their names?

It is necessary because footwear is also a way to portray our style and identity. 

Now that you know about different kinds of shoes and their uses, pick the right one for yourself!

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