Nike T-Lite Xi Men’s Training Shoes Review

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If you are a professional player or runner, you must be familiar with Nike as it is one of the most reputable and acknowledged brand in making durable footwear.

It has satisfied customers all over the world, and new designs and features are continuously introduced to make the shoes more versatile for wearing.

Among the many durable and amazing all-around shoes of Nike, the Nike T-Lite Xi Men’s training shoes have their own place.

These shoes have gained much importance since they were launched and have continued to be the favorite of many runners.

So, we have decided to do a detailed review of the Nike T-Lite Xi Men’s trainers.

Let’s see what these shoes have for us!

Nike T-Lite Xi Intro

The Nike T-Lite Xi training shoes were released in 2014, and since then, they have been most of the most demanded trainers of all times.

These shoes were basically introduced for sports and training.

Therefore, durability and comfort was the primary goal of these shoes.

To make them versatile, some new specifications and high-quality materials were added.

This addition also created curiosity among customers to buy it once released quickly.

Nike Men's T-Lite XI Black/Black/Metallic Silver Training Shoe 7.5 Men US
  • NIKE - T LITE XI - 0887229108249
  • Athletic & Outdoor Shoes - Men's
  • Size: 6 - (Black / Grey)

Nike T-Lite Xi First Impressions

The Nike T-Lite Xi displays a robust and sturdy look, just like the ideal training shoes.

The build is great, and the color combination is excellent, making you fall in love with its appearance.

If you are tired of regular black and white trainers with a simple design, we recommend trying the Nike T-Lite Xi as its beautiful color combination can add style to your overall look.

The upper and sole are really impressive and display a look as professional hands craft them. It makes the shoe look sturdy and sporty, making them great trainers.

Also, the Nike logo on the upper gives a nice and sporty overall look to the shoes, making them great for casual wear as well as running.

So, from the first impressions, we can say that these shoes are great personal trainers and gym shoes.

Nike T-Lite Xi Upper

The Nike T-Lite Xi Men’s trainers are equipped with high-quality materials so they can withstand all-day wear and tear while running and walking.

Therefore, the upper is made with a blend of synthetic material and molded leather to increase its durability and flexibility.


The toebox is ok. It is not much roomy for large toes. So, you can feel it a bit tight in the front if you have wider feet.

Lace-up design:

The Nike T-Lite Xi men’s trainers feature a lace-up design that allows you to ensure the fit you want in your running shoes.

All trainers and runners know that the fit is an essential essential part of the shoe, and even a slightly loose or tight shoe can ruin their run.

So, the addition of the lace-up design is a significant step to make it suitable for both wide and narrow feet.

The shoes have many lace columns that can assure the right fit from the tip to the end of the shoes.


The Nike Men’s T-Lite Xi training shoes are manufactured to provide exceptional breathability.

All training and running shoes should be breathable to ensure ventilation and avoid infections.

The Nike T-Lite Xi shoes are specially designed with micro-perforations on the upper to make them highly breathable.

The toe area and mesh lining also play a great role in keeping your feet ventilated while running.

So, we can say that the Nike T-Lite Xi shoes are perfect for all-day wearing as you won’t feel your feet sweating. Also, you won’t feel like slipping in the shoes as your feet will be dehydrated and calm.

Tongue and collar:

The tongue and collar of the Nike Xi trainers are well-padded to ensure comfort around the ankle. So, you won’t feel the shoe biting from the ankles while running as the cushioning will ensure that your ankle area remains safe.

Heel pull-up:

We really like the heel pull-up feature in these shoes.

Even the smallest of details in the shoes can make them convenient for runners. So, the heel pull up is one of those smallest yet useful features as it allows you to take the shoe on and off easily.

Nike Men’s Xi Sole

The sole must be the most crucial feature for you, as it determines the durability and quality of the shoes.


The outsole of the Nike Men’s Xi trainers features solid rubber to make it durable and allow it to withstand excessive wear and tear.

The Phylite technology in the outsole is highly impressive. It means that the outsole is made with a combination of Phylon and rubber, which ensures both the flexibility and durability of the shoes.

Nike has also made the outsole flexible so you can walk and run freely without feeling any discomfort. So, these shoes are also perfect for workouts and training sessions as they offer much flexibility without them breaking apart.


It seems like Nike has paid a lot of attention while manufacturing the sole unit of these shoes.

Besides the outsole, the midsole of the Nike Men’s Xi has an extremely outstanding Phylon technology.

Thus, the midsole has a strong shock-absorbing capability and is highly responsive while running. So, as you work out or run, you can feel the energy return.

The midsole also has EVA foam, which is highly adaptable and used in a variety of shoes. The EVA foam is durable and makes the shoe perfectly cushioned, so you feel like running in the air while wearing the shoes.


The footbed is ideally cushioned to make the shoes neither too caged nor too lose. Phylon technology also ensures shock-absorption and energy return.

Besides, the collar and tongue are also foam padded to provide the right fit along with the perfect amount of cushioning you need during running and exercising.


The outsole of the Nike T-Lite Men’s trainers has intricate multi-direction grip patterns that provide a sturdy look to the shoes. These patterns start from the heel end and expand to the toebox.

The grip pattern is impressive as it makes the shoes stable and sturdy. Also, it reduces the chances of slipping while running as it creates a firm grip between the shoes and the ground.

So, we can say that these are the safest shoes as they prevent you from slipping during exercises at the gym as well as while running.

Moreover, these Nike slip resistant trainers in black can easily be worn at work, making them one of the best Nike non slip work shoes.

Nike T-Lite Xi Weight

The Nike T-Lite XI men’s trainers weigh about 12 oz. This weight is very light and makes it the lightest running shoes.

The outsole and upper are made with super-light rubber which owes to its less weight.

With the Nike T-Lite Xi, you won’t feel a heavy weight on your feet while training or running. In fact, you will feel like running in the air!

Nike T-Lite Xi Performance

Right out of the box, the Nike T-Lite Xi seem to be great running as well as training shoes. They have a durable construction with a perfect matte finish.

However, wearing them leaves a different perspective. These shoes are not for people with wider feet. However, the lace-up closure can make it a bit suitable, but the toebox might hurt your wide feet while wearing them.

So, they are great for narrow feet and provide the most comfortable and snug fit. Also, they are highly supportive and stable. While running and walking, you never feel uncomfortable as they have excellent traction.

Seems like the aim of making them the best shoes for running is accomplished.

However, it seems like the cushioning is a bit less. Running and training requires all-day wear and tear, so the cushioning should be a bit more and durable so the shoes can go for a long time. However, the cushioning provides support and stability while running.

Who is the Nike T-Lite Xi for?

The Nike T-Lite Xi are running shoes as well as perfect trainers for anyone who is looking for durable Nike shoes for all-day standing.

Although the shoes are more suitable for narrow feet, the lace-up closure can provide a snug fit to wide feet as well.

The traction and durability of the shoes are excellent, and the support and stability are unmatched!

So, you can wear them during your training sessions at the gym as well as for daily morning runs.


The Nike T-Lite Xi are the lightest and most comfortable shoes for all-day standing as well as running and training at the gym.

The Phylon and Phylite technology have made it highly stable and durable, and the engineered mesh upper provides flexibility while running.

The Nike logo on the upper gives it a sporty look, and the micro-perforations make it highly breathable.

So, for the price, the Nike T-Lite Xi is worth the try!


Are Nike T-Lite Xi Men’s trainers true to size?

Yes, according to Nike, the shoes are true to size, so you should order your regular size as described in the description.

Do the Nike T-Lite Men’s shoes require a break-in period?

When wearing for the first time, these shoes feel a bit tough. You might feel pain in the ankles and the feet. So, it’s better to relax and give time to the shoes to mold them according to your foot shape.

What are the best training shoes?

The Nike T-Lite Xi Men’s trainers are the best shoes for work out sessions at the gym. They have a firm grip with good arch support. Also, the lightweight and robust rubber sole make them highly durable.

Are the Nike T-Lite Xi trainers ideal for wide feet?

The Nike T-Lite Xi trainers are ideal for narrow feet. However, the lace-up closure makes them suitable for wide feet as well. Also, the toebox isn’t much roomy, which might cause problems for wider feet.

What is the upper of Nike T-Lite Xi shoes made of?

The upper of the Nike T-Lite Xi trainers is a blend of synthetic and leather. However, the leather mesh can crack, making it not a much durable shoe.

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