How To Make Non-Slip Shoes For The Restaurant? A Complete Guide

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how to make non slip shoes

Does your heartbeat start fluctuating while walking on slippery surfaces with a slippery pair of shoes?

Slippery surfaces and slippery shoes, what a deadly combination!

Injuries and inconvenience are guaranteed with this combination.

To get rid of this trouble, the solution is non-slippery shoes. But many of you keep asking “ how to make a non-slip shoe for the restaurant .”

So, I have decided to answer your query and come up with tips and methods to make your shoe non-slippery.

Fast your seatbelt tight and be ready to dive in.

Top 7 Tips On How to Make Shoes Slip Resistant:

You can save yourself from potential injuries and accidents with the help of non-slip shoes for the restaurant offered by many shoe brands.

But if you are eager to make your shoe non-slippery on your own by using some home materials, then let’s figure out the ways.

1. Try Scuffing:

Your new shoes will be more slippery because of the smooth soles. You can change them by just simply wearing them.

You might be thinking about how I can make shoes non-slip for the restaurant while wearing them?

The answer is quite simple, wear your shoes and walk on the roughest surfaces such as rocks and hard concrete. The grip of your shoes will get stronger as abrasions and nooks both increase.

Pro Tip:

You don’t need to walk miles and miles. You have to rub your shoes over textured paths surfaces to improve the grip of the shoes.

2. Give a Try to Your Nail File:

If you have tried the scuffing and it did not work out, then it is high time to give a chance to your nail file. You can scuff the smoothest area of your shoes using a nail file.

We suggest going for metal nail files because metals files are the most efficient among all other materials. Get yourself a thin wooden strip coated with emery (covered with sandpaper). The key here is coarseness. Wherefore, the coarser board gives better results.

You can also consider a grip pad if you feel that your shoes are worn out. The method is quite simple; just apply the pads on the soles of your shoes.

Always go for high-quality pads because if you are making a decent investment, your shoes will not feel sticky. Grip pads provide good value for your money, and you can easily purchase them.

3. Go for Grip Pads or Traction Spray :

You can replace adhesive pads with traction pads. Traction Pads are specially designed stickable pads that add traction to the sole. You will find many traction pads out there in the market. But finding a traction pad that perfectly matches with your shoes is the best approach.

If you are on the budget and only can afford traction sprays, then it is totally fine as traction sprays serve the purpose and perform like spray pads. Just spray on your shoes grip to make them winter-proof.

You can find spray pads in nearby stores, but most probably, you see them a bit expensive, but they worth your money for protecting your shoes.

4. Use Puff Paint for the Soles:

You might be thinking: how to make shoe slip-resistant using paint.

Well, let me tell you yes, it is possible, and I can say the method is quite effective and gives impressive results.

All you need is Puff paint.

For the record, Puff paint is the paint that is used in arts and crafts for kids.

Puff paint works effectively for boosting your shoe grip. Just apply a thin layer of puff paint on both sides of your shoe soles. Wait for a few hours and let them dry. After that, you can put them on.

The puff paint will stay longer than hair spray, but it is not a permanent solution.

You can consider other options from our list, as well. For better results, keep applying Puff paint repeatedly.

5. Stick Sand to Your Soles:

You might be looking for some cost-effective methods to make your shoe non-slippery.

Well, the good news is that there are plenty of inexpensive methods out there, and one of them is sticking sand to your soles.

You can coat your shoes with dry sand using the spray adhesives.

For higher shoe traction, the formula is simple: the coarser, the better.

6. Scuff your shoes with sandpaper:

You can scuff your shoes from the bottom with the help of thin sandpaper. You can create a rougher base of your shoes and can pass any slippery surface without any worry.

Scrub the shoe soles for few seconds, particularly the smoother parts of your shoes. For better results, get a 50 grit sandpaper and keep rubbing it until the surface becomes rough.

What to do with shoes when you have to attend outdoor events?

Just get yourself sandpaper, split it into two strips. Stick them to the sole and heel of the shoes using the glue.

This hack offers high traction, but I would not recommend trying this hack on the finished surfaces. In fact, it’s a big NO as it will damage the finishing of the wooden surfaces.

7. Walk like a BOSS using Ankle Strap:

You are seriously thinking about how to make shoe slip-resistant but you don’t have enough time to try hacks and methods which cost you a good amount of time.

In this situation, ankle strap comes into handy. You can make your shoes slip-resistant and can walk managing your balance like a boss using ankle strap.

You can manage to walk on greasy surfaces because the ankle strap offers good support and grip which is essential to avoid slips and falls.

Bonus Tips:

There are other tips you can also try to make your shoes, slip-resistant. These tips are as follows:

  • Combine salt and rubber and apply it to the soles of your shoes.
  • You can increase the traction of your shoes with the help of masking tape.
  • Get rid of dirt and debris to make your shoes slip resistant.
  • Customize stick-on according to the shape of your footwear.
  • Consider attaching slip-resistant soles to your shoes.

So we are done with our tips and tricks on how to make nonslip shoes for the restaurant.

Keep in mind that some of the methods we shared in this article won’t work permanently. Every method will affect your shoes on the basis of their condition.

But still, these tips can save a lot of your time and money and of course a lot of injuries.

Which tip are you going to apply to your footwear? Let us know in the comments section.

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