10 Best Zero Drop Running Shoes in 2021

Last Updated on April 28, 2021 by Fahad Zahid

No way! We just can’t bear it anymore. Those bulky shoes make us feel exhausted. Running on treks wearing those heavy shoes is no fun at all – This is how my feet would moan every time back would get back from my routine running.

Sounds strange? Nobody else believed me when I said, my feet moan. But they did. At least, I could hear them, and they were demanding comfort. Of course, for good reasons.

The biggest fear of a runner is not able to run. That’s why I coddle my feet, anyway. Running on different types of trails like concrete, asphalt, grass, and dirt takes a lot of effort from your feet. Resultantly your joints and back have to adjust according to the required effort.

This causes plenty of strain so, there come minimalist shoes or zero drop running shoes, as they are said to play their magic.

Hence I bought a pair of the best zero drop cushioned running shoes, and they changed my life. My feet are happier, and running feels like a feather ride. (Here is when people get envious)

This is how I saved my feet. If you are facing the same havoc of exhaustion (You know it that’s true), step forward and protect your feet for healthy running.

Minimalistic shoes offer firm cushioning and minor toe-heel drop, which is very efficient for runners who enjoy natural running.

I, with my research team (I love them), after hours of research, have narrowed down a list of the best zero drop running shoes here for you. Read on to find the ideal pair for you!

List of Best Zero Drop Running Shoes

Photo Title Best For Weight Buy Check Price for Opposite Gender
Merrell Men's Trail...image Merrell Men's Trail Glove 5 Sneaker Trail Running Men 196g / Women 170g Check Price

Check Price for Women's Version

Merrell mens Trail...image Merrell Men's Trail Glove 6 Sneaker Trail Running Men 212g / Women 170g Check Price

Check Price for Women's Version

ALTRA Men's AL0A4PE5...image ALTRA Men's Lone Peak 4.5 Trail Running Shoe Trail Running Men 295g / Women 247g Check Price

Check Price for Women's Version

Xero Shoes Prio...image Xero Shoes Prio - Men's Minimalist Barefoot Trail and Road Running Shoe Barefoot Trail and Road Running Shoe Men 210g | Women 181g Check Price

Check Price for Women's Version

ALTRA Men's Escalante...image ALTRA Men's Escalante 2 Road Running Shoe Road Running Men 249g / Women 209g Check Price

Check Price for Women's Version

Merrell Men's Vapor...image Merrell Men's Vapor Glove 4 Sneaker Road Running Men 160g / Women 122g Check Price

Check Price for Women's Version

ALTRA Women's ALW1957F...image ALTRA Women's TIMP 1.5 Trail Running Shoe Trail Running Men 312g / Women 266g Check Price

Check Price for Men's Version

ALTRA Men's AL0A4PE9...image ALTRA Men's TIMP 2 Trail Running Shoe Trail Running Men 281g / Women 247g Check Price

Check Price for Women's Version

Vibram Mens V-Run...image Vibram Men's V-Run Running Shoe Road Running 136g Check Price

Check Price for Women's Version

ALTRA Men's ALM1948G...image ALTRA Men's Paradigm 4.5 Road Running Shoe Road Running Men 318g / Women 261g Check Price

Check Price for Women's Version

ALTRA Men's ALM1953G...image ALTRA Men's Superior 4 Trail Running Shoe Trail Running Men 224g / Women 187g Check Price

Check Price for Women's Version

Merrell Women's Bare...image Merrell Women's Bare Access Arc 4 Trail Running Shoe Trail Running Men 181g / Women 128g Check Price

Check Price for Men's Version

10 Best Zero Drop Cushioned Running Shoes Reviews

1 – Merrel Trail Glove 5 Sneaker:

The Merrel Men’s Glove 5 Trail Runner is the best zero-drop trail running shoes in the market.

They are high-quality shoes developed with trail protect pad for underfoot protection and safety when running on hard surfaces and rough trails.

Featuring Rubber sole and improved lace-up closure, these shoes are great for outdoor running in even poor weather conditions.

The wide toe box gives plenty of room to your toes to splay out while running.

The robust, flexible, and Vibram rubber sole allows excellent traction for running on any surface.

They provide you with enough support to your feet to boost the level of your speed and performance.

The shoe has a great outdoor style since it’s creatively made.

These shoes not only provide a sporty look, but they take the shape of your feet. In fact, they are built for people who are looking for barefoot-like off-road running shoes.

The durability of the shoes is good. Moreover, the flexibility of the shoe favors off-road venturing. Its lacing system doesn’t wear out quickly.

These shoes have a 0mm drop. A Zero drop gives a more natural running, and it also divides the cushioning evenly throughout the shoe.

The shoes fit perfectly to your feet and cause no harm to your feet. Above all, its upper is made up of breathable mesh so your feet can breathe properly.

Merrell Men's Trail Glove 5 Sneaker, Black, 7
2,687 Reviews
Merrell Men's Trail Glove 5 Sneaker, Black, 7
  • Mesh Upper- Allows air to penetrate the fabric for a cool, comfortable environment.
  • M-Select FRESH- Antimicrobial agents reduce shoe odour for a fresher for longer feeling.
  • Hyperlock TPU Film Heel Counter- Locked-in, secure feel.
  • Traditional Lace Up System- Adjustable fit for added security.
  • Moulded Nylon Arch Shank- Supportive structure diminishes load on feet and calves.

Why We Like It?

Merrel Glove 5 shoes are supremely comfortable and lightweight.

We are very sure that you will be extremely pleased with the quality performance of these shoes.

They are accommodating for improving your speed. Furthermore, the comfort level is unbelievable.

  • Breathable mesh
  • Lightweight
  • Vibram Rubber Sole
  • Trail protect pad for safety
  • Roomy toe box
  • Different experience from its previous versions
  • lacks a close-to-ground feel

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New Arrivals


2 – ALTRA – Lone Peak 4.5 Trail Running Shoe:

best zero drop running shoes

ALTRA’s best zero-drop cushioned running shoe is Lone Peak 4.5 with Maxtrac outsole and multidirectional lug pattern to ensure a high level of traction. Outsoles are very much suitable for handling different types of trails.

Lone Peak 4.5  features a more comfortable cushioning with the improved midsole foam formula. The padding is soft and lightweight to give you a bouncy feel on the ground. This ALTRA shoe gives you a smooth and pleasant ride with the right amount of responsiveness.

Lots of cushioning means lots of protection. The comfort of the Lone peak is appreciable.

The upper has been a little tweaked to confirm flexibility and comfort. An air mesh covers the top of the shoe for breathability. You will find the shoes pretty breathable, even in hot weather or in tough training.

Along with the air circulation, the mesh is highly resistant to daily wear and tear. Therefore it’s deemed finely durable.

The toe box is really wide. Your toes can effortlessly stoop. The shoe is designed to accommodate runners’ feet with perfect fitting.  The structure of the shoe is sporty as well as sleek. The lacing system is more userfriendly and simplified with micro-adjustment.

Lone Peak 4.5 is a zerodrop shoe even with 25mm stack height. The shoe feels close to the ground and offers a barefoot feel. The shoes are really incredible to wear.

ALTRA Men's AL0A4PE5 Lone Peak 4.5 Trail Running Shoe, Carbon Blue - 9.5 M US
2,311 Reviews
ALTRA Men's AL0A4PE5 Lone Peak 4.5 Trail Running Shoe, Carbon Blue - 9.5 M US
  • Weight: 10.5 oz / 298 g
  • Insole: 5 mm Contour Footbed
  • Midsole: Dual Layer EVA / A-Bound with StoneGuard
  • Outsole: MaxTrac Rubber with TrailClaw
  • Cushion: Moderate

Why We Like It?

The shoes’ combination of responsiveness and super cushioning make it versatile footwear for runners. The wellpadded midsole, responsiveness, and comfortable cushioning make Lone Peak  4.5 to be your partner in running flawlessly.

If you are seeking a shoe that supports natural running, you will love it!

  • Zero-drop design
  • Highly cushioned
  • Softer midsoles
  • Wide toe box
  • High traction
  • Soles start peeling off too quickly
  • Fit is quite small

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3 – Xero Shoes Prio – Minimalist Barefoot Trail and Road Running Shoe – Best Fitness Athletic Zero Drop Sneaker:

best zero drop trail running shoes

Lightweight yet flexible! Xerox Shoes Prio are designed to be the best running shoes with zero drop from heel to toe with excellent performance.

Everything about Xero Shoes is natural.  There is no latex used in the formulation. They fit quite naturally. They let you move quite naturally, and they make you feel natural.

The lacing system makes your heel secure. Plus, the instep straps are just-right to grip your midfoot.

They are 0mm drop and keep your feet low-to-ground for exceptional running performance. But they let you have the full control over your feet and maximized balance while you run.

While providing high flexibility and super performance Xerox Shoes doesn’t cut back your comfort and protection level. Toe-box is very wide. It lets your toes relax and flatten normally.

The soles of these minimalistic shoes are formulated from FeelTrue rubber. Thus, give high traction and impressive stimulation and feedback that you require to feel the surface beneath your feet.

You can rely on your Xero Shoes Prio whether you run on a trail, go hiking, attend an intense workout session, or wherever else you lead your feet to. They offer a warranty of 50,000 miles for soles that work perfectly on several tracks.

One thing to be observed on a serious note is that they tend to run a little small size. So, buying ½ size larger than the size you wear is recommended.

Xero Shoes Prio - Men's Minimalist Barefoot Trail and Road Running Shoe - Fitness, Athletic Zero Drop Sneaker Black/White
663 Reviews
Xero Shoes Prio - Men's Minimalist Barefoot Trail and Road Running Shoe - Fitness, Athletic Zero Drop Sneaker Black/White
  • COMFORTABLE, FOR-EVERYTHING SHOE - Whether you’re out on a run, trying out a new trail, hitting the gym, or toeing a slackline, you’ll love the Prio’s combination of freedom and protection
  • XERO DROP SOLE FOR PERFECT POSTURE - The Xero Drop sole offers a non-elevated heel and is low-to-the-ground - this allows proper posture, balance, and agility for all-round performance
  • ULTRA-THIN BAREFOOT DESIGN - Wear with or without socks. The optional 2mm insole lets you have more or less of a “barefoot feel” depending on your mood
  • VEGAN FRIENDLY - Xero Shoes believes in promoting healthy and sustainable lifestyles which is why the Prio is made with zero animal products
  • GET THE RIGHT FIT with FREE Domestic Exchanges - This shoe runs 'true to size." If for any reason that's not the case for you, contact us for a free domestic exchange of your 'like-new' shoe

Why We Like It?

These Xerox Shoes Prio provide a relatively high level of protection with an extremely natural feel. There are no chemicals or animal products used in the manufacturing process.

So, the shoes are totally environment-friendly and also vegan-friendly. These are going to be your perfect pair if you prefer natural motion and relaxed feet.

  • Zero drop
  • Lightweight
  • FeelTrue Flexible Sole
  • High Traction
  • Low to ground
  • Sizing is the issue to be fixed

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4 – ALTRA Escalante 2 – Road Running Shoe:

best running shoes with zero drop

Escalante 2 is a spry shoe, designed to give a comfortable landing. They are like walking barefoot in shoes and feel the ground. The shape of the sole and the whole shoe is identical.

This unique shape allows your feet more stability for uphill climbs and downhill descents.

Outsoles feature FootPod technology that provides a natural motion and excellent responsiveness. The dense rubber of the outsole gives outstanding traction on rough trails and does not let you slip on slippery surfaces.

Midsoles are responsible for your feet comfort and better performance. So, they are springy and soft, providing you softness, support, and speed.

There are grid-like structures in midsoles that allow your feet to bend easily. ALTRA Escalante is light but has an extraordinaryperformance.

The cushioning has been kept adeptly balanced. Your forefoot and heel lie at the same distance from the ground. Hence, encourage a low-impact on your route thoroughly.

The upper of the Escalante is engineered-knit with more perforations for better breathability. It’s not only suitable for warmer temperatures, but it also offers excellent performance in colder conditions.

The toe box is wide, roomy, and has enough space for your toes. However, the shoes fit perfectly.

The style of the ALTRA Escalante is unique. Ample room at the toe-box and natural foot shape are the secret factors behind its durability. A long-lasting PU insole is also added to increase the life of the shoes.

The 25 mm stack height at the sole unit does not limit flexibility. With the zero-drop, improved padding, and somehow better ventilation are the key characteristics that really make your feet happy.

ALTRA Men's Escalante 2 Road Running Shoe, Black/Black - 11.5 M US
2,045 Reviews
ALTRA Men's Escalante 2 Road Running Shoe, Black/Black - 11.5 M US
  • Increased breathability
  • Secure fit
  • Updated insole that is less susceptible to compression
  • Better step-in feel
  • Stack Height: 24mm

Why We Like It?

ALTRA Escalante gives space for your toes and doesn’t squish while walking or running. These shoes are so supportive and don’t cause any kind of pain.

If you are a racer, then it’s speedy. If you are a daily trainer, then it’s soft enough. Believe us. It’s a go-to shoe for many. You will also be hooked up to Escalante, but of course, after you give it a try.

  • Engineered knit upper
  • Natural toe splay
  • Balanced cushioning
  • Zero-drop
  • Springy and soft
  • Upper retains heat
  • Lack of stability at heels

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New Arrival:


5 – Merrel Vapor Glove 4 Trail Runner:

Merrel Vapor Glove 4 hug your feet and literally make give you a barefoot feel with their super lightweight.

The shoes have a solid barefoot feature which plays its role well while running.

It is made of breathable mesh, so it is comfortable to wear even in hot weather.

They feature proper ventilation and let the heat get out in the hot condition.

The shape of the shoes conforms to your feet and allows natural movement due to the fantastic flexibility.

The outsoles are composed of high-quality rubber called Vibram. It is also flexible enough to bend with the foot when it runs.

The upper is made of synthetic textile and airy mesh. The lacing system nurtures the tight fit.

As these are zero drop shoes, so they keep your heels near to the ground.

Feel the ground to get on a perfect posture if you tend to wear them other than running like on your treadmill or your daily morning walk.

There is a lot of toe room and width in the toe box without unnecessary breadth. Your feet are free to spread and get the muscles ready for high speed.

Besides this, your feet won’t hurt even if they are enclosed in the shoes for hours. So, these Merrel Vapor Glove 4 are your long time running partners.

Merrell Men's Vapor Glove 4 Sneaker, Monument, 10.5
2,910 Reviews
Merrell Men's Vapor Glove 4 Sneaker, Monument, 10.5
  • Vibram TC5+
  • Merrell Barefoot 2 construction for enhanced proprioception and stability during variable movement

Why We Like It?

Merrel Vapor Glove 4 are barefoot-style shoes. They fit snugly, just like Nike running shoes.

They feel gentle on your feet and are minimal padding allows you to sense the ground and balance correctly.

You will be surprised by how well these shoes perform on tough tracks. If you want to get barefoot feel, then pick these Merrel shoes for your next run.

  • Flipping comfortable
  • Ideal for multiple trails
  • Lightweight
  • Support natural motion
  • Flexible
  • Hole may develop in outsole after few months of use
  • Shoes emit a bad smell after some time

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6 – ALTRA TIMP 1.5 Trail Running Shoes:

best zero drop trail running shoes

ALTRA TIMPs are designed to disappear on your feet. This update of ALTRA has got very better, and the improved features won’t disappoint you. These barefoot running shoes are just right for neutral runners.

 The performance of TIMP on terrain is very light, and they give you a floating ride. Additional 4-Point GaiterTrap gives you the confidence to run on dirt, debris, and rocks.

It has a Rubber outsole with MaxTrac technology that sticks to the ground well and is also very durable. The outsole helps stabilize landing and provides matchless traction and grip.

The midsoles of the TIMPs are softer, comfortable, and flexible. It’s safe to wear and can match the shape of the wearer’s foot.  It’s long-lasting and does not wear down quickly.

The mesh upper allows sufficient airflow and helps to keep your feet dry. The lacing system wraps your feet securely and locks your midfoot and hindfoot so well that you no longer need to worry about re-lacing over and over again.

TIMP boasts a great sense of cushioning adequately soft and flexible. These shoes feature great breathability and excellent drainage. The lightweight mesh and moderate amount of padding keep it extra light and fairly comfortable.

With the lock technology, feet get massive support for motion at rough courses.

ALTRA Men's AFM1957F TIMP 1.5 Trail Running Shoe, Blue/Lime - 10 D(M) US
435 Reviews
ALTRA Men's AFM1957F TIMP 1.5 Trail Running Shoe, Blue/Lime - 10 D(M) US
  • Softer midsole for comfort and flexibility
  • Improved upper fit and 4-point gaitertrap
  • Upgraded super-grippy maxtrac outsole

Why We Like It?

TIMPs are great shoes for those dealing with the technical terrains. They climb great and descend flawlessly. The traction, protection, and support are top-notch.

They have excellent grip, flexibility, and are hyperresponsive to pick up speed. You will totally find yourself in love with these fantastic shoes.

  • Mesh is nice
  • Great Midfoot and hindfoot lockdown
  • The softer midsole for comfort and flexibility
  • Improved upper fit and 4-point GaiterTrap
  • Super gripping MaxTrac outsole
  • Sides start to blow out too early
  • Thinner tongue

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New Arrival:


7 – Vibram V-Run Running Shoe:

best zero drop cushioned running shoes

Vibram is a trusted name for manufacturing innovative performance products. They offer highquality, high performance, and reliable products and persuade you to experience the world.

Vibram V-Run is the ultimate shoe for running enthusiasts. It deploys outsole with absolute lightweight, provides a maximal hardness for high temperature, and extreme softness allows extensive ground contact.

XS Run technology provides sufficient traction and excellent grip on smooth surfaces

The midsole of the shoes offers enough protection and does not limit a runner’s connection to the running surface.

There is Mont Compound rubber material covering 2mm of the insoles with AntiMicrobial Drilex Sockliner. However, the midsole area comprises of 4mm rubber material.

The upper is made of 100% Polyester stretch mesh. It’s also perforated to increase breathability. It allows the flex to put shoes on and off. The other benefit is it’s wearresistant. These shoes are the lightest of Vibram and maintain minimal weight.

The style of the shoe holds an individual toe-pocket that appears to be very distinctive. Finally, the adjustable pull tab and closure cord offer a supplementary sense of protection against the challenges on perilous trails.

Like many other minimalistic shoes, Vibram V-Run offers a zero-drop. This means that the runner will be entirely in touch with the surface with perfect balance and stability.

Vibram Men's V Running Shoe, Black/Yellow, 44 EU/10.5-11 M US
750 Reviews
Vibram Men's V Running Shoe, Black/Yellow, 44 EU/10.5-11 M US
  • Minimalist running shoe featuring perforated upper with adjustable pull tab and cord closure
  • VI-Lite Midsole with XS Run outsole rubber compound
  • Mont Compound rubber pads in the outsole. INSOLE: 2mm EVA Anti-Microbial Drilex Sockliner, MIDSOLE: 4mm EVA
  • Please be aware this product runs one size large. Please size down 1 size from your normal VFF size

Why We Like It?

Overall, V-Run checks off the most boxes of minimalist running shoes. Vibram is famous for its wonderful soles.

The brand also takes the best advantage of technology for formulating lightweight, flexible, and durable shoes.

If you’re exploring a shoe that is able enough to tackle difficult terrains, then you will enjoy V-Run.

  • Fits as expected
  • Sufficient traction
  • Good grip
  • Zero drop
  • Individual toe pockets
  • Closure cord
  • Not for those with wide feet
  • Stitching is nasty

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8 – ALTRA – Paradigm 4.5 – Trail Running Shoe:

best zero drop running shoes

ALTRA is a premium running shoe company. This edition of ALTRA is stimulated by extreme foot fatigue. Therefore, Paradigm 4.5 is designed to cope with long time running needs.

Its upper is engineered knit. This upper with the combination of integrated StabiliPods and medial Guide Rail endeavors great comfort.

ALTRA Paradigm 4.5 is ideal for weak and exhausted feet. There is a perfect plush cushioning to support your tired feet. The inner side of the shoe feels really soft.

The midsoles are reasonably durable as the material is of high-quality that offsets the daily wear and tear. Borders of the soles have maximum cushioning with a stack height of 30mm. Moreover, the shoes are highly flexible and responsive.

ALTRA shoes have a tradition of keeping a natural wide toe box. This natural room for spreading toes supports your feet’ posture. The shoes also offer a little airflow through its upper.

It fits comfortably and snugly, just like socks do. Most runners find Paradigm 4.5 to be durable. Its remarkable outer rubber sole withstands the wear and tear and protects the inner cushioning. So, the shoes not only come to be durable but very responsive.

Plush soft cushioning, sock-like fit, and perfect shape that completely fits the foot anatomy contribute to providing support.

Heels and toes are at equal distance from the ground, which means ALTRA Paradigm 4.5 is a zero-drop running shoe. And, most probably the best-cushioned zero-drop running shoe out there.

ALTRA Men's ALM1948G Paradigm 4.5 Road Running Shoe, Gray - 7 M US
611 Reviews
ALTRA Men's ALM1948G Paradigm 4.5 Road Running Shoe, Gray - 7 M US
  • Dynamic support combo of integrated StabiliPods and medial Guide Rail
  • Perfect for weak or tired feet
  • A natural favorite for ultrarunners
  • Stack Height: 30mm
  • M | 11.2 oz. / 318 g

Why We Like It?

These shoes are great for long runs, and don’t let your feet get tired.

Overall, wearers are pretty satisfied with the shoe performance. But zero-drop quality, high traction, soft cushioning, and lightweight are the key features setting these shoes apart from others.

This pair is the ultimate choice of all the ultra runners.

  • Ideal for weak and tired feet
  • Integrated with Stabilipods and medial Guide Rail
  • Soft cushioning
  • Zero drop
  • Suitable for long time wearing
  • Little arch or ankle support
  • Too tight from heelside

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New Arrival:


9 – ALTRA Superior 4 Trail Running Shoe:

best zero drop trail running shoes

Superior 4 of ALTRA is made with minimal construction to attain the highest speed. It’s a lightweight shoe designed to mount on rocks and come down on tricky trails.

It features a flexible and mesh upper in wraparound design for further support and security—the redesigned upper promises more stability and durability.

The shape of Superior 4 is well constructed and praised for perfect but natural fit. The weight is very economical and extremely light. It highly promotes effortless movement to your feet.

There is a hook-and-loop tab, with no-strap gaiter attachment, preventing the shoe from building up debris and dirt beneath the shoe.

The outsole is developed of sticky MaxTrac rubber. This also endorses durability in the areas of the show that are more endangered to wear off. The built of shoes encourages natural flexibility.

The cushioning is quite reasonable and precise. The minimalist style lets the runner take off easily and attain maximum speed.

Rounded heel and improved lug patterns are positioned strategically beneath the metatarsals for providing better traction.

The lacing system with pretty long laces intends to accommodate a heel lock. The toe box is very generous, so that the heel lock will keep your foot at the proper place.

ALTRA Men's AFM1953G Superior 4 Trail Running Shoe, Blue/Gray - 7 D(M) US
1,647 Reviews
ALTRA Men's AFM1953G Superior 4 Trail Running Shoe, Blue/Gray - 7 D(M) US
  • Ideal Uses: Trail running, trail racing
  • Cushioning: Low
  • Stack Height: 21mm
  • Weight: 7.9 oz. / 274 g
  • Designed to Improve: Natural Foot Positioning, Toe Splay, Comfort, Stability

Why We Like It?

Fast take-offs and incredible speed is no more a dream. Superior 4 has made this dream come true.

It’s formulated with super-thin mesh, and even though it’s light, it still offers the comfort and support that every runner prefers. Superior 4 is designed to start fast, run fast, and finish fast.

  • Lightweight
  • MaxTrac Rubber outsole
  • Improved lug pattern for traction
  • Heel lock
  • Huge toe box
  • Weird style of tongue
  • The shoe is a little squishy

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New Arrival:


10 – Merrel BareAccess 4 Trail Running Shoe:

best zero drop running shoes

Merrel Bare Access 4 are really sleek, stylish, and cool looking shoes. These are perfect running shoes for overpronators without sacrificing style.

The shoes boast more natural, injury-free, and agile gait. They are highly effective and protective for speeding and sprinting.

Vibram Rubber sole offers incredible traction on many surfaces, gripping roads and walking on the gravel. Insoles are hyperresponsive and give you full control over the motion.

The upper is made of air mesh and confirms that your feet can breathe easily while they are on their way to run. Overall, the breathability of the shoe is as excellent as expected. Laces help to adjust nicely and close tightly.

There’s plenty of room in the toe box for the toes to splay. When it comes to weight, Merrel Bare Access is really very light. Still, let this lightweight not scare you about the protection or durability. It’s light in weight but comes with super comfort and can run many miles with you.

The 0mm drop from heel-to-toe with low-profile design delivers more ground feel. This pair of shoes strike the level of reliability in terms of thinness, flexibility, and durability even though it’s a lightweight shoe.

Merrell Men's Bare Access 4 Trail Running Shoe, Dark Slate, 7 M US
536 Reviews
Merrell Men's Bare Access 4 Trail Running Shoe, Dark Slate, 7 M US
  • Mesh and tpu upper
  • Traditional lace closure
  • Integrated eva footbed
  • Wash as needed in cold water, gentle cycle and air dry

Why We Like It?

Merrel Bare Access 4 is a solid running sneaker that will provide flexibility, cushioning, comfort, and relatively more ground feel. They are hyperresponsive. So are an excellent choice for rough and challenging terrain for a naturalistic yet comfortable experience.

  • Excellent Traction
  • Lightweight
  • Zero-drop
  • Hyper-responsive
  • Flexible
  • Comfortable
  • Not for people with a low arch
  • Quickly starts to peel off from edges

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More Running Shoe Reviews:

Criteria of Selection – Buyer’s Guide

When switching from traditional running shoes to zero-drop running shoes, you might be a little nervous about “what factors to consider?” Because when it comes to your passion for running, there must be no compromise. And after all, you are investing your money, then why should your feet suffer?

We know that you have miles and miles to run. Just to save you from energy being drained away while researching for the best minimalistic shoe. We jotted down some essential factors you can effortlessly consider before you buy. Here we go with the list:

  • Breathability

The first and foremost factor to consider is “Breathability.” You must care how well your feet will be able to breathe while wearing a specific shoe.

Breathability mostly depends on the material employed at the upper of your shoe.

It’s essential to let the air ventilate thoroughly so that your feet remain cool and dry. Otherwise, no- breathability can cause excessive sweating, and as a result, your feet are going to stink.

  • Protection

Minimalistic shoes have very little cushioning. When the shoes lose cushioning, they are less protective. Though traditional footwear presents a high level of protection.

For selecting a barefoot shoe, the point here is to go for a minimalistic shoe, yet has enough cushioning to protect your feet.

  • Flexibility

Running is no longer a breeze if the shoe you are wearing is stiff. Flexibility is vital because it supports your feet for a range of motion.

A flexible shoe would be a great favor for your feet and will decrease the pressure on your foot muscles.

  • Outsole

Outsoles define the thickness and thinness of the shoe. It’s important to check outsoles because this is what will be in contact with the trails, wherever you are going to use the shoe.

Thin soles can be problematic on rocky paths, while thick soles can perform comparatively well. However, there are shoes with thinner outsoles but are more protective on the tough trails.

  • Durability

Zero-drop by no means stands for zero durability. Everyone wants a longlasting shoe. Check the lacing system and the material the shoe is made up of.  

Who would like an accidental breaking of his/her shoe, especially when your next race is due soon? Literally, no one. We all want a reliable quality product that lasts longer and has higher mileage.

  • Drop

Most minimalistic shoes are described in terms of “drop.” Drop is actually a gradient of the shoe from healtotoe. Where the toe of the shoe is lower than the heel.

Minimalist shoes have a minimalized drop than the other traditional shoes. Hence, provide a complete barefoot experience. This drop range varies from 4mm to 0mm. So they are totally flat where your heel and toes lie at the same height. The drop has a significant effect on your running posture.

  • Some More Factors Worth Considering

Besides, the main things to consider there are some other characteristics that you must analyze. They are:

  • Style
  • Support
  • Overall fit

When we talk about the style that doesn’t really mean to go for flashy designs, though you are free to choose the color of your own choice, the style should be supportive for your running and must suit your personal needs.

Know the anatomy of your feet. Arch support and space of toebox are too essential to consider. If the shoe does not support your feet structure, then, unfortunately, you will end up with excessive tiredness.

Zero-drop shoes require a certain period to adjust appropriately and to adapt. If you are used to wearing traditional shoes, then definitely you must give yourself and the shoes for a perfect overall fit. Let the shoes take their time and notice the change in your posture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a zero-drop running shoe?

Zero drop running shoe has no specific angle. It has the same amount of material beneath the foot. The heels and toes are at the same distance from the ground.

It basically means there is zero measured drop from the heel cushioning to the forefoot. They are designed to promote a natural running gait and restrain heel striking.

Are zero drop running shoes good?

Certainly yes, zero-drop running shoes maintain your natural motion. If your feet move naturally, it’s very healthy for your muscles and will reduce a lot of stress-related to injuries.
However, the best running shoes for overpronators are the ones that are zero drop but are not minimalist.

Who should use zero drop running shoes?

There is a majority of runners who have been successfully using zero drop shoes.
Since zero-drop running shoes give your feet natural positioning, they are safe to wear for anybody, unless you’re suffering some foot-related problem like Morton’s Neuroma. Then it’s better to go with cushioned shoes.

What are the benefits of zero drop running shoes?

Wearing zero drop running shoes have a myriad of benefits. It feels more natural. The more natural you will keep your gear, the more you will enjoy running. It also reduces the chance of injuries like knee pain and ankle pain. You will be in more control of your running posture. Zero drop makes you more stable, and resultantly you deliver a brilliant performance on the trail.

How do I know, “Which heel drop is the best for me?”

When it comes to running, having the right pair of shoes with relatively right size is very important. Buying the right pair of running shoes is actually not very easy.
You have to accurately study the anatomy of shoes along with the knowledge of your foot structure. You have to ponder upon several factors. The most important factor to deem is heel drop.
To correctly understand what heel drop is best for you, you should go through the running shoe heel drop chart, where you can get guidelines for your heel drop size according to your foot type, weight, and pronation.


Running shoes are your allies in the race arena, and a perfect partnership means really a win-win situation. Isn’t it? The shoes and feet are more like life partners. After all, you have to go on many, many miles together.

The sneakers that understand your feet the best are always the right ones. Know your needs, get the right pair, and revolutionize your running experience.

 Happy Running!

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