Best Saucony Running Shoes in 2021 [Reviewed]

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“A good Foot Care comes with a great Foot Wear.”

Whether you run as an amateur runner, to raise money out of it, to keep yourself in shape or just because you love running – choosing the best running shoe can give you joyous experience.

While on the other hand if you don’t choose the best, you won’t experience the best! A wrong choice of shoe can lead you to chaos like hotspots, blisters, soaring, and pain.

If you want to run at your best then the selection of your running tools, I mean, your shoes should also be perfect.

Here’s when the best Saucony running shoes come into play in the runners’ arena to save you!

Saucony has enormous prestige in the running world, fulfilling runner’s needs by revamping on their technology and bringing out the best since 1898.

Saucony range of shoes is categorized traditionally based on pronation support,  supination, high arches, and flat feet. The brand covers the needs of every runner.

With a reliable cushioning system, lightweight, and an excellent balance of style and performance. Saucony knows how to appeal to its audience by making appropriate use of material and visual lines.

Love your feet? Great!!!  

Grab a pair of Saucony and celebrate love with your feet and running because Saucony has a better understanding that every runner has unique physical characteristics and needs special footwear plying the runners’ foot needs.

The time has come to say goodbye to blisters, fatigue, aching muscles, soaring toes, and the stinking feet odor. A piece of good news is that even the risk of getting injured has also become very low.

If you are on the hunt of the best Saucony running shoes, then scroll down to read more.  

There is a list of top ten Saucony shoes, narrowed down for their superb performance, and many more features.

Check it out!

List of Best Saucony Running Shoes


Photo Title Heel Drop Best For Buy Check Price for Opposite Gender
Saucony Men's Omni...image Saucony Men's Omni ISO 2 Running Shoe 8 mm Road Running Check Price

Check Price for Women's Version

Saucony Men's Guide...image Saucony Men's Guide ISO 2 Running Shoe 8 mm Road Running Check Price

Check Price for Women's Version

Saucony Men's Freedom...image Saucony Men's Freedom ISO 2 Running Shoe 4 mm Road Running Check Price

Check Price for Women's Version

Saucony Men's Cohesion...image Saucony Men's Cohesion 13 Running Shoe 12 mm Road Running Check Price

Check Price for Women's Version

Saucony mens Excursion...image Saucony Men's Excursion Tr14 Trail Running Shoe 8 mm Trail Running Check Price

Check Price for Women's Version

Saucony Men's Excursion...image Saucony Excursion TR14 GTX Running Shoe 8 mm Trail Running Check Price

Check Price for Women's Version

Saucony Men's Hurricane...image Saucony Men's Hurricane 22 Running Shoe 8 mm Road Running Check Price

Check Price for Women's Version

Saucony Men's Guide...image Saucony Men's Guide 13 Running Shoe 8 mm Road Running Check Price

Check Price for Women's Version

Saucony Men's Kinvara...image Saucony Men's Kinvara 11 Running Shoe 4 mm Road Running Check Price

Check Price for Women's Version

Saucony Men's Triumph...image Saucony Men's Triumph ISO 5 Running Shoe 8 mm Road Running Check Price

Check Price for Women's Version

Saucony Men's Omni...image Saucony Men's Omni 19 Running Shoe 8 mm Road Running Check Price

Check Price for Women's Version

Best Saucony Running Shoes Reviews

1 – Saucony – Omni ISO 2 Running Shoe:

Omni ISO 2 –  a successor to the Omni ISO!

Every athlete company dealing with the shoes is busy redesigning their products for being provident of better assistance in the running, so is doing Saucony.

This new shoe is one of the best Saucony stability running shoes as reliable as were the Omni ISOs with a far better cushioning system and ISOFIT design.

This specific design gives the shoes a strenuous fit and allows the shoe to take the shape of the runner’s foot while motioning.

Omni Iso 2 is breathable, comfortable, and durable with top-notch qualities. This is definitely an incredible upgrade to its predecessor Omnis.

These are plush shoes built for runners with flat feet and for those who suffer from mild to intense overpronation. These running shoes for overpronators possess a rubber sole that makes the shoe exceptionally durable.

Looking at the top sole of the shoe, that boasts EVERUN construction for continuous responsiveness and enhanced energy return during the run. It relieves you from pressure and promises lasting comfort.

Next, come the midsoles with PWRFOAM providing a complete support system to your foot with every stride.

Omni Iso 2 is well ventilated and is manufactured with a breathable engineered mesh for excellent breathability. It enables your feet to breathe and does not let the moisture build in.

The ISOFIT fitting makes it snug enough that it does not allow feet to slide off while remaining cozy. These shoes are considered comfortable for their supportive cushioning system and are known for their stylish design.

Saucony Men's Omni ISO 2 Running Shoe, Blue/Silver, 7.5 Wide
793 Reviews
Saucony Men's Omni ISO 2 Running Shoe, Blue/Silver, 7.5 Wide
  • Successor to the Omni ISO; EVERUN topsole construction for enhanced energy return and continuous cushioning throughout the run; PWRFOAM Midsole medial posted midsole; ISOFIT dynamic upper that adapts to the shape and motion of the runner foot
  • Engineered Mesh external support frame helpful for runners who suffer from mild to severe pronation

Why We Like It?

Omni ISO 2 are very impressive shoes with a sleek appearance. Holding a good reputation with regards to performance, comfort, and durability.

Any kind of runner can enjoy wearing these shoes. It doesn’t matter whether you have flat feet or you overpronate, put these shoes on, and get ready to conquer your run!

  • Suitable for mild to severe Overpronators
  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Awesome Stability
  • Pricey

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2 – Saucony – Guide ISO 2 – Road Running Shoe:

An excellent stability shoe and an all-time favorite in Saucony’s line is the Guide ISO 2. This new edition of the “Guide” family is sure to please the runners on the trail for a speedy run.

Saucony Guide ISO 2 offers an optimal balance of plush cushioning and excellent energy return. For the runners who have a mild to severe overpronating gait, Guide ISO 2 is an ideal every day running shoe with an adaptive fit and smooth ride.

The updated ISOFIT design creates a vibrant fit conforming to the shape of runners’ feet. Its contoured footbed supports the heel and helps the runners not to suffer from overpronation.

With a wider forefoot and narrower heel cavity, Guide ISO 2 provides a custom fit to the runner’s feet. The revised lug system and flex grooves help to disperse the force and also deliver greater flexibility and traction on any kind of trail.

EVERUN foam technology helps to create smoother landings and more energetic take-offs in every stride. The comfort ride is just because of this EVERUN technology, which works like heaven!

It gives a springy feel under the foot is highly shock-absorbent and lets you take a subtle ride from heal-strike to toe-off.

Guide ISO 2 is spot-on in terms of fitting and gives outstanding mileage. You may feel it too for at first, but it’s stretchy structure flawlessly harmonizes with your feet structure.

Saucony Men's Guide ISO 2 Running Shoe, Black | Grey, 11.5
1,302 Reviews
Saucony Men's Guide ISO 2 Running Shoe, Black | Grey, 11.5
  • Successor to the guide ISO EVERUN topsole construction for enhanced energy return and continuous cushioning throughout the run updated ISOFIT design
  • Form-fit performance contoured footbed reflective elements on the heel helpful for runners who suffer from mild to severe pronation
  • Closure Type: Lace Up

Why We Like It?

Guide ISO 2 is the best running shoe for the runner who appreciates a little extra support. Its a versatile running shoes for those looking for something new to try without compromising the support and comfort!

  • Give a feel-fit ride
  • Great cushioning
  • Very comfortable
  • Flexible
  • Suitable for those who pronate
  • Rip in the heel too early
  • Too tight/narrow

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3 – Saucony – Freedom ISO 2 – Running Shoe:

One of the most highly praised shoe from Saucony is Freedom ISO 2. This is an updated version of ISO 2 with minor tweaks, snappy ride, and padded cushioning.

Saucony has always worked on the premise of lightweight, durability, and capability of handling every type of run and same us the case with Guide ISO 2. An extra layer of EVERUN goal provides more cushioning and great plush feel.

This layer of the foam keeps the feet relaxed and bouncy yet provides the needed support for the longer runs. The upper offers a more gentle fit with an extra toe box that gives a roomy feel.

ISO knit upper of the Freedom ISO 2 is soft, breathable, and is highly comfortable. Some groove cuts at the sole bring about the flexibility in the shoe, but these cuts don’t compromise the durability of the shoe and traction.

A little weight has been added due to this extra EVERUN foam and added stack height, but still, that doesn’t make the shoe too clunky to run.

Why We Like It?

Freedom ISO 2 is cushioned and soft but firm and snappy at the same time. What a fantastic mixture of features. Isn’t it?  

It is definitely an excellent run shoe with the right amount of cushioning. Someone who needs a running shoe with more support must give it a shot.

  • Durable
  • Comfortable upper
  • Springy
  • Plush feel
  • Expensive
  • Laces are too short

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4 – Saucony – Cohesion 13 – Road Running Shoe:

Saucony Cohesion 13 is a daily trainer that can log many miles and feels sturdy enough to boost your running experience.

This model of Saucony – Cohesion 13 is an edition to Cohesion 12; hence, it holds some notable changes.

Cohesion 13 uses a layer of VERSAFOAM that provides ample cushioning on the topsole and midsole that gives you comfort plus, a very soft feel.

The outer sole is made up of flexible rubber that is decently durable and goes along with you even in your toughest workouts, daily training, and on the gym with weights.

The stylish and breathable upper fits really true to size and the heel is ideally narrowed to give you a secure fit and protects you against skidding.

Moreover, the upper is constructed of some breathable material that helps you to stay fresh during your long runs.

The enhanced cushioning underneath the feet feels very bouncy so, Saucony Cohesion 13 is a go-to shoe for your everyday wear. Take-offs and landings were never so smooth before Saucony Cohesion 13.

Saucony keeps its tradition of studying athletics needs and innovates its technology with the growing demands. In this edition of Saucony, the brand accomplished its goal by the latest Grid technology, and the sole-based stability and cushioning system meet the needs of every type of athlete.

Saucony Men's Cohesion 13 Running Shoe, Alloy/Brick, 9
1,085 Reviews
Saucony Men's Cohesion 13 Running Shoe, Alloy/Brick, 9
  • New versarun cushioning for comfort
  • Segmented rubber outsole for a smooth feel
  • An upper with a technical look and plenty of breathability and secure hold

Why We Like It?

The overall design of the shoe is really very impressive. It is designed by keeping beginners and budget-minded runners in mind.

These are the best neutral running shoes for a consistent and smooth ride.

You will be amazed by the all-around performance of the shoe.

  • Plenty of cushioning
  • Upper has good support
  • An easy shoe to log many miles
  • Comfortable
  • Fit perfectly
  • A bit stiff
  • A bit wide at the toe area
  • Only for beginner runners (according to a few testers)

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5 – Saucony – Excursion Tr14 – Road Running Shoe:

Saucony brand is known for its quality and excellence, and Versafoam Excursion Tr14 is no exception. Versafoam Excursion Tr14 fits precisely on the structure of the runner’s foot.

These are actually long-distance trainers’ shoes, best for trail running with consistent quality.

The upper of the shoe is made to of high-quality trail specific mesh to allow air to flow throughout your feet so that they remain cool and dry during the whole running session.

Its trail specific feature adapts the shape of the foot to ensure optimal security, and prevent any slippage.

These shoes are made for active runners and are designed to provide a maximum level of comfort.

To ensure the highest degree of comfort and support, Versafoam cushioning is added in the shoe for the exceptional comfy feel than ever before.

Further, this cushy stack of Versafoam increases the responsiveness of the shoe to provide safe strides for every level of runner.

The triangular lugs present at the rubber outsole make the shoe more grippy on the rock-solid terrains. It prevents you from unnecessary sliding and skidding.

The trail-specific mesh has supportive layers that keep your foot locked in place and protects from trail debris by keeping the dirt out.

One extraordinary feature of these Versafoam Excursion Tr14 GTX is the advanced GTX technology, which is not only breathable but is also waterproof, which means you can wear the shoe without any worries in some rainy conditions as well.

Harsh weather is no longer a hindrance to your running passion!

Saucony mens Excursion Tr14 Trail Running Shoe, Black/Charcoal, 10.5 Wide US
311 Reviews
Saucony mens Excursion Tr14 Trail Running Shoe, Black/Charcoal, 10.5 Wide US
  • Rugged outsole for off-road traction
  • Versarun cushioning for comfort
  • Trail-specific mesh with supportive overlays to lock your foot in place

Why We Like It?

This shoe of Saucony is a very lively shoe with a nice bounce and balance support. The advanced Versafoam cushioning makes it dead comfortable.

For a runner who is looking for a shoe highly comfortable and supportive must try this pair of Saucony.

Versafoam Excursion Tr14 packs all the qualities for a good time like rugged traction, essential cushioning, and durable protection.

  • Great feel
  • Super Comfy
  • Supportive
  • Responsive
  • Highly stable
  • Waterproof (GTX Version only)
  • A bit tight toe box
  • tongue may press into the foot

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Saucony Excursion Tr14 GTX Trail Running Shoe:


6 – Saucony – Hurricane 22 – Running Shoe:

If you prefer stability, support, and cushioning, then Saucony has a wonderful option for you – Hurricane 22!

One of the exciting features of the shoe is PWRRUN+  Sole, which is super light, hyper-responsive and provides a better feel from the previous versions.

The weight of the footwear is just the same as its predecessors. Still, they feel lighter due to their responsiveness.

Not only the shoe sole is upgraded, but the upper is also revamped for a better experience of running.

The upper and fit have also become markedly improved. It fits absurdly well and feels like the upper has hugged your feet gently but securely.

FORMFIT surrounds the feet and can accommodate a wide range of foot shapes and the holding back L-shaped plastic at the midsole, so the shoe feels more smooth for gliding.

Hurricane 22 truly supports your foot from every direction while motioning.

The laces of the shoes are just nice and give you a tight fit. This is the most significant difference from the previous versions of Hurricane.

The new medial TPU Guidance in the shoe is a new replacement to the side density foam in older versions and supports the ball of the foot to the early heel.

Hurricane 22 maintains the plush heel collar, structured comfort, and mesh tongue. A sock liner is also stitched to the base of the upper and the cloth membrane covering the midsole.

The cushion is impressive, and but the touch under the arch of the foot makes it extra amazing!

Saucony Men's Hurricane 22, Grey/Black, 8.5 Wide
236 Reviews
Saucony Men's Hurricane 22, Grey/Black, 8.5 Wide
  • PWRRUN+, the next generation of amazing cushioning, gives you a luxurious underfoot feel that wont break down-now 25% lighter than before
  • A rocker-like heel and enhanced toe spring gives every step and extra push forward to keep you going strong and feeling fresh
  • FORMFIT acts like a luxurious bucket seat for your foot, conforming to you for the perfect fit and providing comfort from every angle
  • Structured Cushioning
  • Offset: 8mm (33.5/25.5)

Why We Like It?

Saucony Hurricane 22 is the most luxurious stability running shoe by Saucony. It has become softer, more comfortable, and more flexible.

Runners who want great stability, comfort, and maximum support this pair by Saucony can be an obvious choice for those. Everything about this shoe just says LUXURY and COMFORT!

  • Hyper responsive
  • Comfortable
  • Decent lacing system
  • Supportive
  • Not a good fit
  • Seams start to rip off too early

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New Arrival: Saucony – Hurricane 23 Running Shoe:


7 – Saucony – Guide 13 – Running Shoe:

If Saucony was to nominate one of its product as the best Saucony running shoes for flat feet that had to be the Guide 13 without any doubt.

The most significant difference between the previous version of Saucony Guide ISO 12 and this latest model Guide 13 is the fit technology.

This shoe of Saucony gives you a dynamic hold at the midfoot and maintains your natural gait and strides with extra support.

The Saucony Guide 13 employs a FORMFIT technology with three layers of cushioning for a perfect fit all around.

The top layer of the cushioning conforms with your foot shape and promotes a natural running pace, while the middle layer of cushioning takes hold of the pressure points of your feet and adapts the stride.

The last layer of cushioning at the bottom of the foot gives a feel-good tone and keeps the foot in place while running.

Upper of the Guide 13 is a breathable and airy mesh wrapped around the shoe with a slight stretchability. It’s stretch enough to make it an easy to put-on shoe but not that much to make it feel loose and baggy.

This edition of Guide uses PWRFOAM at the midsoles that provide just-right softness and super responsiveness to tackle longer runs of as many miles as you would like to run.

Guide 13 guides the runner to an excellent and the smoothest ever ride.

Saucony Men's Guide 13, Blackout, 11.5 D US
1,028 Reviews
Saucony Men's Guide 13, Blackout, 11.5 D US
  • New PWRRUN cushioning provides just-right softness that's responsive enough to tackle as many miles as you wish
  • The new medial TPU guidance frame quickly and quietly guides each foot through its natural gait cycle for the smoothest feel yet
  • FORMFIT surrounds the foot with a made-for-me feel that can accommodate a wide range of foot shapes comfortably
  • Shoe Category: Stability
  • Offset: 8mm (32.5/24.5)

Why We Like It?

Saucony Guide 13 is surprisingly light in weight and is an amazing stability shoe.

This is a shoe worth considering for those who not only strive for a reliable comfort on any run but also require extra support on the trail.

  • A great stability shoe
  • Comfort fit
  • Stretchy
  • Sufficient cushioning
  • Airy mesh
  • Is not durable as described

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8 – Saucony – Kinvara 11 – Running Shoe:

Saucony Kinvara 11, the successor to the Kinvara 10 is the game-changer in the runners’ world. It is created from the belief that to get a hefty weight punch on the running trail is possible even with a lightweight shoe.

Kinvara of Saucony continues to be on the lead of the whole Saucony’s range in innovation and better performance with every new arrival.

Its constant progressing technology beats the other Saucony products in refinement and innovation.

When it comes to a comparison between Saucony Ride vs. Kinvara, both are the best at their identical features.

The first one is the best Saucony running shoe for high arches, while the other one is the best neutral shoe that allows better contact of your foot with the ground.

EVARUN technology on the topsole promises enhanced cushioning and energy return to lessen the chances of fatigue.

The midsoles employ EVA+ foam and FORMFIT technology that wraps the foot with a snug fit and comfortable feel. It not only conserves comfortability, but it also contours the footbed and holds it in place.

Its engineered Jacquard mesh upper is highly breathable and incredibly supportive for daily mileage.

It feels equally good on trails, roads, and treadmill. So, it can be a big favorite of every runner.

Saucony Men's Kinvara 11, Blue/White, 12 Medium
725 Reviews
Saucony Men's Kinvara 11, Blue/White, 12 Medium
  • PWRRUN cushioning maintains the lightweight responsiveness that makes this shoe a favorite for daily training miles or racing longer distances
  • The flexible sole is designed to quickly transition from landing to take-off
  • FORMFIT conforms to your foot to provide the perfect fit and feel from every angle

Why We Like It?

Low offset, high level of underfoot protection, lightweight and responsiveness to picking up the pace are the features that impress the buyers a lot.

Fans of Kinvara appreciate the faster and more responsive running feel.

  • Lightweight
  • Cushioned
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable fit
  • Amazing Upper Fit
  • Less Responsive
  • Outsoles wear quickly
  • Overly Padded Tongue

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New Arrival: Saucony Kinvara 12 Running Shoe:


9 – Saucony – Triumph ISO 5 – Running Shoe:

With more cushioning than its predecessor, this neutral trainer is going to be your friend in your next run. One defining character of Triumph ISO 5 is its maximum cushioning. You will find the thickest midsole ever in any neutral running shoe.

The outsole is constructed with a layer of textured rubber that gives a lot of traction over the road, and the light trail though this added cushioning puts in a bit of weight to the shoe that does not restrict your smooth ride.

The upper’s design is minimal with advanced ISOFIT technology coordinating with breathable mesh that keeps your feet cool and comfortable on even the hottest runs. Updated ISOFIT and FORMFIT technologies contour your footbed and snuggle your foot for a custom fit.

The material of the toe box is remarkably thin, breezy, and very roomy.

The external toe-bumper is displaced by an internal one. The ISOFIT straps are no longer forming the lacing loops.

The design of the tongue has become more thinner. So the overall look of the shoe is totally streamlined and sleek.

Energy reflective elements on the heel are quite helpful if you have high arches or are suffering from under-pronation, also named as supination.

These are, in fact, the best Saucony running shoes for supination.

Saucony’s Triumph ISO 5 is an all-around improvement that will definitely work for almost every runner!

Saucony Triumph ISO 5 Men 10.5 Ash Quake
1,623 Reviews
Saucony Triumph ISO 5 Men 10.5 Ash Quake
  • Full-length EVERUN midsole for enhanced energy return and continuous cushioning throughout the run EVERUN topsole construction for enhanced energy return updated
  • Form-fit performance contoured footbed reflective elements on the heel helpful for runners who suffer from underpronation, also known as supination
  • Lace Up

Why We Like It?

Its plenty of cushioning is the major attraction point for the runners seeking for great comfort ought to give it a go and feel like flying on the trail.  

Triumph ISO 5 is going to be your ultimate choice if you supinate or have high arches.

  • Cloud-like comfort
  • Exceptional bounce
  • High levels of cushioning
  • Helpful for supinators
  • Support high arches
  • Not the most durable
  • Seams start ripping off

Check Price on Amazon


10 – Saucony – Omni 19 – Running Shoe:

Saucony aims to build shoes that are stable, light, comfortable, and durable. So, Omni 19 is a rare combination of stability and matchless qualities. The overall design of the shoe promotes forward motion with good speed.

Omni 19 is constructed with a refined Tri-Flex outsole design for higher flexibility, while the midsole offers a superior level of support for overpronators and outstanding stability. Saucony Omni 19 features a unique characteristic FORMFIT for an adaptable 3D fitting.

This FORMFIT technology is a perfect blend of comfort and support. The shoes fit like a glove and wrap around the feet in a snug way that provides the necessary support and plush feel to the heel and midfoot.

The all new PWRRUN cushioning supports the midfoot, and EVERUN foam is used in the topsole for enhanced energy return to prevent the runner from fatigue and to lessen the chances of injury.

At the upper Saucony uses a breathable and flexible material called FlexFilm with an engineered mesh. Its flexibility allows it to stretch according to the feet of runners and take their shape.

The breathable mesh lets the air flow in and out correctly so that the feet remain dry and no moisture gets a chance to ruin your running experience.

For making the fit more snug and comfortable and for the crease prevention on the upper, all new ISOFIT technology is introduced to the shoes which adapts to the wearer’s foot shape and motion.

The shoes also features a TPU heel counter to provides additional gait guidance. Besides, the extended medial post enhances the supports to the body’s natural alignment with added control.

This redesign of Omni has not only increased the breathability but also lifted some unnecessary weight out of the shoe.

Saucony Men's Omni 19, Fog/Citrus, 10.5 Medium
86 Reviews
Saucony Men's Omni 19, Fog/Citrus, 10.5 Medium
  • Extended medial post supports the body’s natural alignment with added control
  • TPU heel counter provides additional gait guidance
  • TRIFLEX outsole optimizes flexibility to the wide platform
  • FORMFIT surrounds the foot in 3D comfort
  • Engineered mesh provides structure or stretch where needed and enhances breathability

Why We Like It?

Omni 19 are attractive but still great athletic shoes with perfect features.

These are classic shoes delivering a fantastic ride experience with full support for an ideal ride.

These are an excellent choice for those who overpronate. What can be the best Saucony running shoes for pronation, other than Omni 19?

  • Flexible outsoles
  • Great responsiveness
  • Superior stability
  • Perfect cushioning
  • Lightweight
  • One of the best stability running shoes for over-pronators
  • Don’t fit well in toe area

Check Price on Amazon


Read More:

What to look for in the best Saucony Running Shoes? – Buyer’s Guide

At the time when you are finally making up your mind in the investment of your running partners, you must be wondering, What to look for?

Here are a few things you must include in your selection criteria before you make your purchase.

1 – Comfort

The most important thing to look in a shoe before you buy is its comfort. Now, what are some factors that a runner must notice in an overall evaluation of the shoe?

  • How much cushioning is provided?
    • Do they have enough support?
    • Are they flexible enough?

These factors to consider are essential because they determine the convenience of the runner on the trail and infer the level of foot care a shoe can provide.

The amount of padding prevents your feet from blisters and muscular fatigue. Make sure the lacing system of the shoe is also supportive and will not bother you no matter how far you run.

2 – Durability

A good pair of running shoes are not only comfortable, but it is also efficiently durable. The factors that contribute to the durability of a shoe are its material and how they are put together in the construction.

Another thing you must look for is the type of trail the shoes are designed for. Because that also plays a massive role in the durability of a shoe.

If you pick wrong footwear for the trail you undergo, that will surely not go durable because it wasn’t meant for that particular trail. 

Research the type of trail as well because it’s pretty necessary if you want your running shoes to cover more miles.

3 – Breathability

What’s the sweating habit of your feet? Whether you sweat a lot or a little, that really doesn’t matter. Possessing a breathable shoe is a must-have, especially when you run in hot weather.

Before you buy, the questions you must ask related to a shoe’s breathability  are:

  • Are there any additional ventilating features present?
  • Is the material used in the upper is mesh?
  • Do they dry fast or are moist wicking?

Mostly the shoes are designed to be breathable, but if you sweat a lot, then you must look for the additional ventilation features so that your feet remain dry and undisturbed.

For keeping dry, a mesh upper is much important. However, that is also the fact that mesh uppers with additional features are not very durable on technical terrains.

Not all but most of the mesh uppers feature quick-dry quality. Thus, sweating remains no more a problem because the shoes wick the moisture and keep you dry.

4 – Weight

The weight of the running shoes may vary depending upon the intended features of the shoes. Shoes designed to perform on the rough trails will definitely weigh more, though, everyday footwear may weigh less.

But one thing worth noticing in the heavy shoes is that they provide maximum protection and are not easy prey to wear and tear of the terrain.

You need to select the just-right weight of the footwear keeping your trail requirements in mind.

5 – Support

The needed amount of support can differ based on the structure of your foot, its type, and the trail where you tend to run. For the selection of a shoe with the correct support, you must look that What type of foot are they designed for?

Are they for pronators, under pronators, or overpronators?

Once you properly figure out what your foot type is and what kind of shoe will do you the best, then you will find the right pair made to fulfill your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Saucony good running shoes?

Saucony is a well-reputed brand of running shoes over the years. They have redesigned almost every model of their running shoes and introduced new technologies that go with your running requirements perfectly.

Even their daily trainers are the most bouncy and have a low heel to toe drop.

Are Saucony Running Shoes better than its competitors?

Well, it depends. When we talk about brands and tend to make a comparison that straightforwardly leads to the preferences of the users.

Saucony, no doubt, is a brand that is respected for its evolving technology according to the rising needs of users and its innovation.

But Which one is better? That still counts on the users’ experience. One may find Nike running shoes the best; meanwhile, the other may find Saucony the best. There is no hard and fast rule about it.

Is Saucony Kinvara a zero-drop running shoe?

Not really, Saucony Kinvara is “midfoot-forefoot” shoe featuring a very low heel-to-toe drop.

However, still, it’s not truly minimalistic, so it does not fall under the category of entirely zero-drop running shoes.

What is the average mileage of Saucony running shoes?

As per average mileage is concerned, Saucony can last 400 miles, and that is a good mileage standard.

Still, it is recommended to keep a check on everyday wear and tear of your shoes because severe wear and tear signs on your shoes can cause injuries and can be problematic.

To increase the lifespan of your running shoes, the best option can be to purchase two pairs so that you can keep in switching those pairs. This will reduce the risk of strain as compared to using only one pair.

How should I keep clean my Saucony running shoes?

Brush off the dirt and debris each time you return from your run. Wipe your shoe with a damp cloth or use a mild soap solution for better cleaning.

But the best way to maintain your shoe is to follow the instruction given on the label of the product.

Consider cleaning insoles of your shoes off and on to prevent it from the growth of odor-causing bacteria.


Your feet are your best guide in the selection of the right pair of shoes. Remember to always pay attention to the signals that your feet give if they don’t feel comfortable in a pair that is certainly not the right choice.

The responsibility of the comfort and convenience of your feet lies on your shoulder, so take charge, do proper research on your foot type its structure, and the most essential thing the trail or terrain you will be dealing with.

Any ill-fitting shoe with low breathability and heavyweight can spoil your running joy. Running smoothly while maintaining the pleasure of running is simply over to you!

Just select the appropriate pair of shoes and enjoy running!

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